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HERMES 5 Advanced

In the course you will deepen the application of the HERMES 5.1 method using the example of the scenario IT Individual Application and thus efficiently prepare you for the practical application as well as the certification exam HERMES 5 Advanced. The module builds on the HERMES 5 Foundation course and requires the relevant knowledge.

The modular structure of the training and the support provided by our innovative learning platform allow us to take your individual needs into account. You have the following options:

  •     Pure online training (self-study)
  •     One day of classroom training with subsequent consolidation in self-study and online exercises until the exam
  •     Online training (self-study) with half a day of consolidation and repetition in the attendance module before the exam
  •     Classical, one-and-a-half day classroom training with support from the online training

Course duration

  •     Flexible online training with learning videos and exam simulation
  •     Optional one-day classroom course
  •     Optional consolidation and repetition half-day before the exam
  •     Participation in a public exam or an exam organized by processCentric (exam fee not included)

Details and content

  •     Scenario IT individual application
  •     Notes on application
  •     Certification preparation

Benefits / Learning goals

  •     You deepen your knowledge from HERMES Foundation.
  •     You will gain in-depth application knowledge using the example of the scenario IT individual application and prepare yourself for practical application with the help of case studies.
  •     You will deepen selected topics of the practical application notes.
  •     You will be comprehensively prepared for the Advanced certification exam.


You have the opportunity to acquire the HERMES 5 Advanced certificate by taking a public multiple choice exam organized by the certification body TÜV SÜD.

Methodology / Didactics

The concepts, methods and interrelationships are clearly presented in the course to promote a practical understanding of project management with HERMES 5. The participants deepen what they have learned with the help of examination simulations.

Target groups

Project manager, sub-project manager and controller


Knowledge at the HERMES Foundation level.


  •     Online training (advanced only): CHF 490
  •     Online training (Foundation + Advanced): CHF 890
  •     Classroom course Advanced 1 day (incl. online module): CHF 1'090
  •     Presence course Foundation + Advanced 2 days (incl. online modules): CHF 1'990
  •     Advanced advanced 1/2 day advanced and repetition course (excl. online module): CHF 590

Course dates

  •     Online training: Start at any time on the Lernplattform
  •     Advanced Presence Courses (1 day): on request
  •     Foundation & Advanced Presence Courses (2 days): on request
  •     Internal training on request