Holistic Business Process Management

Succeed with BPMN 2.0 and OCEB 2 Fundamental

The goal of Serge Schiltz is to provide a holistic approach to business process management. Often it is not recognized for how many areas of a company the design and control of the business processes are of central importance. In the author's perspective, the business processes are the common denominator, in which the various specialist disciplines of management meet.

This is where common interests crystallize and the synergy potential is enormous. Why then do BPMN and OCEB appear in the title of the book? Simply because the Object Management Group (OMG), the association behind BPMN and OCEB, has done a great job in holistically considering business process management:

  • The OCEB Certification curriculum, unlike other certifications, places a very significant emphasis on linking business process management to other management issues.
  • BPMN is the only modeling language for business processes that successfully builds a bridge between business departments and IT.

Even so, the book is not just a tool for preparing for the OCEB 2 Fundamentals Certification Exam. It should primarily be a practical guide to successful business process management. In many ways, the book goes beyond what you need to know about the OCEB 2 Fundamental Certification. If you are interested in certification, the book covers all the necessary aspects.

The second issue of this book has been expanded to include a few topics that go beyond the OCEB 2 Fundamentals. Some chapters have been slightly expanded and the knowledge quiz now complies with the scope and weight of a certification exam. Furthermore, the graphic quality of the book could be significantly improved.


Serge Schiltz is the founder of processCentric GmbH. His focus is on consulting and accompanying his clients in business process management topics with an emphasis on GRC (Governance - Risk - Compliance) issues.


Christophe Makni is the main reviewer of this book and assures the quality of the French edition. He works as a BPM expert in the finance sector and specializes in the effective application of process improvement methods, in particular Lean and Six Sigma.

Grace Dobler-Kim is a graduate of Columbia University where she studied history before moving to Switzerland. In addition to Six Sigma Green Belt certification, she has 25 years
experience as a program manager, risk management consultant and communications specialist.


Publisher: processCentric GmbH

German Edition:

  • Series: processCentric Training Series Volume 1 - Second Edition
  • ISBN: 978-1541088009 (Paperback)
  • ASIN: B01N4TTNGL (Kindle)

French Edition:

  • Series: processCentric Training Series Volume 2 - Second Edition
  • ISBN: 978-1541169852 (Paperback)
  • ASIN: B01N16YJVE (Kindle)

English Edition:

  • Series: processCentric Training Series Volume 3 - Second Edition
  • ISBN: 978-1541244092 (Paperback)
  • ASIN: B01N16YI5N (Kindle)