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HERMES 5 for managers

The course teaches you the logical structure of the HERMES 5 method and thus efficiently prepares you for your tasks as a decision-maker, for example as a client or project committee member.

Course duration

  •     Half-day classroom course
  •     Support through our innovative learning platform

Details and content

  •     Basics
  •     Role model
  •     Overview of methods
  •     Decision process
  •     Resources

Benefits / Learning goals

  •     You know the phase model and the decision processes.
  •     Based on the project organization and the most important roles, you will get to know the distribution of tasks and responsibilities in the HERMES 5 project and the interaction between master and project organization.
  •     You understand the methodological elements of HERMES 5 and are able to adapt the methodology to the requirements of your projects.
  •     You will acquire knowledge in the use of the HERMES Online tool, document templates and checklists.

Methodology / Didactics

The concepts, methods and interrelationships are clearly presented in the course to promote a practical understanding of project management with HERMES 5.

Target groups

Decision makers, clients and project committee members




  •     Classroom course 1/2 day: CHF 690


  •     Public classroom courses (1/2 day): on request
  •     Internal training: on request